Your $2.5M car can set up companies but you wasted it on vanity – Ghanaians descend on young billionaire, Cheddar (Screenshots)

Your $2.5M car can set up companies but you wasted it on vanity – Ghanaians descend on young billionaire, Cheddar (Screenshots)

A section of critics on the internet have descended on young Ghanaian billionaire born Nana Kwame Bediako but better known as Cheddar amongst the masses for buying just a car at such a ridiculous price.

According to these angry people, the businessman could have used the $2.5 million he splashed on his Lamborghini to set up companies and employ the youths but he rather chose to spend it on a single automobile which has a depreciating value,

Meanwhile, astute Ghanaian business man, Dr Osei Kwame Despite has had his fair share of these terrible criticisms after he unveiled his $3M Bugatti Chiron Super Sport to mark his 60th birthday.

Below are some of the toxic comments gathered under a picture of Cheddar sitting handsomely on his Lamborghini which he bought from Cristiano Ronaldo.

Marvellous Macculey – See how limited his mind is. 2.5m dolls can build at least four companies in Ghana that will help to enhance the country’s economy, create hundreds if not thousands of jobs, making him more famous and rich along with a good name..

Oluarde – Made in Senegal (Sadio Mane)An inspiration to us

Prince Mawuli Kplim – Ghanaian youth have a very big problem if they think acquiring these cars is an achievement. From these comments, there is no hope. While the youth outside are working hard to make lives easier for everyone by investing in medicine, clean and renewable energy sources, fighting global warming and climate change, planting trees to save environment, developing softwares to ease transactions ….. oh daabi daabi

Kulivert Douglas – African stop celebrating material things, celebrate dignity and honor that is the only way African we be emancipated from this catacomb.

AJ Macsauce – Help your nation as madelas n the ghandi did for their nation and you’ll be remembered for that n not for your expensive cars n mansion

Olatula Oyinye – Waste of resourcesMay you receive sense this 2022 don’t waste money of expensive car instead be invest

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