VEEP Bawumia launches e-Travel Card

VEEP Bawumia launches e-Travel Card

Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, the Vice-President, has launched the e-Travel Card to facilitate the cashless disbursement of travel allowance and other payments for local and international trips of public officials.

With the introduction of the card, public officials will no longer be given physical cash for their imprest when travelling for state business.

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The e-Travel card will be issued to public officials in the future, with their per diem for travel and imprest automatically uploaded to the card for use.

According to the Vice-President, the card will, among other things, eliminate the risk of carrying cash while travelling, ensure transparency and ease of accountability, allow for the timely retirement of accountable imprest, and improve monitoring and controls of budgetary allocations for official travels to avoid overspending.

However, many Ghanaians have created with rage to the launch and described Bawumia as an IT Specialist.

According to their sentiments, the Vice President had gradually moved away from talking about the economy and the issues thereof to the launching of “Es”.

In the comment section on Facebook, these were some of the comments some Ghanaians shared:

Hana Confidence wrote; We need to go to court now and force Bawumia to talk on e-levy! Bawumia will talk e-anything except e-levy! Why?

Aiden Apeyusi wrote; Why is it that in Ghana we love to celebrate mediocrity. This is a branded Visa card. Why the fanfare when you can just contract any of the state owned banks to issue this card to all government appointees. This is not an innovation and they know it. Always fooling the masses.

Akua Frimpong; Why hasn’t Bawumia said anything about the e- levy ever since it erupted. I respected him so much but this government is so selfish and full of lies. Ghanaians have been deceived big time. Corrupt officials saying they’re fighting corruption. Hmm smh

VEEP Bawumia launches e-Travel Card

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