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Vanessa reveals she’s dating while pregnant for Funny Face

Vanessa reveals she’s dating while pregnant for Funny Face

Vanessa reveals she’s dating while pregnant for Funny Face

Vanessa Nicole has shockingly revealed that she started dating a different man while she was still pregnant for comedian Funny face.

According to her, when her relationship with Yaw Boateng (Funny Face) broke down, she was still heavily pregnant at the time but that did not stop her from entering into an all-new amorous relationship.

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In an exclusive interview, Vanessa Nicole, who is the mother of twins, revealed that she was married. According to her, she met her husband while she was still carrying Funny Face’s twins.

“I have a husband who loves and cherishes me. I started dating the man I am married to while I was pregnant. At the time, Funny Face had broken up with me so I decided to enter into a new relationship, she said.

The confession made by Vanessa Nicole gives credence to Funny Face’s assertion that she was a cheat who went about sleeping with other men.

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Funny Face and her baby mama made it into the news some months ago after they decided to wash their dirty linens to the full glare of the general public.

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In one of Funny Face’s attack videos, she accused Vanessa of stealing from him but he kept it a secret because he didn’t want to disgrace his baby mama.

Funny Face went as far as revealing that Vanessa duped him during the delivery of her recent baby.

He noted that Vanessa connived with her mother and took GHC 5,000 from him for C-Section when the actual amount was GHC 1,800.

Their once enviable marriage, unfortunately, hit the rocks with their back and forth banter on the internet.


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