“Support E-levy, it will benefit us all” – Road Minister urges Ghanaians 



“Support E-levy, it will benefit us all” – Road Minister urges Ghanaians 

The Minister for Roads and Highways, Kwasi Amoako-Atta has urged Ghanaians to throw their support behind the proposed E-levy for the benefit of all.

According to him, the E-levy or Mobile Money Tax, when implemented will lead to the growth and development Ghanaians have always been looking forward to having.

Speaking at an inspection exercise of the two-tier Tamale Interchange in the Northern region, Mr Amoako-Atta reiterated that all Ghanaians need to come on board by accepting and allowing the E-levy policy to be rolled out.

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“Everyone should support the e-levy, which is coming for our benefit and our own good to develop our country’s infrastructure, particularly the roads sector.” It’s a good thing for us because it will elevate us from where we are now to a level that every Tom, Dick, and Harry in this country will appreciate.”

Meanwhile, Ghanaians have expressed their reservations against the E-LEVY policy which tends to tax all electronic transfers including Mobile Money.

Many believe the E-LEVY will defeat the financial inclusion agenda and would not also lead to the formalizing of the informal sector.

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