Stop asking us to come to your place

Stop asking us to come to your place

Maame Q is a Ghanaian lady who has expressed her displeasure with the incessant demand from men asking them to visit when a relationship starts to develop.

According to her, Ghanaian men need to move away from the unromantic norm of asking women to come to their place.

In a controversial post on Twitter, Maame Q said the highest display of affection from a man to a woman he likes includes but is not limited to taking her out on a dinner date or shopping if indeed he truly likes her.

She intimated that asking a lady “come to my place” was odd and does not tell of a man who has genuine feelings for the lady.

All Ghanaian Men know is “come to my place” never “dinner at 7 pm, picking you up at 6:45 wear that sexy black dress with the slit x” what do you have in your house that I don’t?? Tsw.

Well, Maame Q was accosted by men after making the post. Many believe she has failed as a lady to rubbish the request men make by asking ladies to come to their place.

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According to many, a genuine expression of love is not a dinner date, shopping spree or lavishing a lady with gifts.

@stronjoe wrote: Y’all ladies can’t give a two lines statement without mentioning food “Dinner”. Y’all hungry like that?

Maame Q replied: I was legit citing an example of nice gestures. You wanted me to give 101 reasons before you get my point. Tsw

@bikurligh wrote: A guy who does this is tight on money. Since sex is the end goal, he prefers u come house so that he chew and give u the nice things rather than taking u out which might cost more. Either way, guys are still buying ur body with nice things. Follow ur heart n vibe wit a guy u like…

What do you make of this?

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