Stonebwoy throws his weight behind Shatta Wale to fight the excessive play of Nigerian songs in Ghana (Screenshots)

Stonebwoy throws his weight behind Shatta Wale to fight the excessive play of Nigerian songs in Ghana (Screenshots)

Afro dancehall virtuoso, Stonebwoy, has wholeheartedly vouched for Shatta Wale’s fight the excessive play of Nigerian songs in Ghana which has made our artists appear like an untalented group of people posing to be musicians.

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In a lengthy write-up the BHIM boss has authored on his social media pages, he bitterly lamented over his Ghanaians support Nigerian acts but when it’s time for our West African brothers to emulate the same thing, they go blind and deaf.

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According to Stonebwoy, Shatta Wale’s approach of addressing the Nigerian song’s cancer might be wrong but if we pay keen attention to his rants, we might find truth in what he’s saying.

The award-winning musician additionally urged Ghanaians both home and abroad to prioritize the agenda of putting Ghana music first before any other from outside the country.

Take a look at the screenshots below to know more…


Shatta Wale, on the night of his Freedom Wave concert at the Accra Sports Stadium, threw shades at Nigerian artistes by stating that he never needed them.

According to the SM President, people had always doubted his ability to pull the crowd with the explanation that without Nigerian acts, he wouldn’t be able to fill a stadium.

Upon defeating that perception by filling the Accra Sports stadium to capacity, Shatta Wale decided it was the opportune moment to chastise, berate and drag Nigerian artistes and especially those who propagated the narrative.

In a viral video, Shatt Wale was heard saying:

They said I won’t be able to fill my own stadiums, I don’t need any Nigerian Artiste to sell out Ghana’s Stadium, F*** all Nigerian Artistes”

Nigerians have taken exception to the damning statement Shatta Wale made.

They believe the fact that he was able to pull the numbers do not defeat the fact that Nigerian artistes are steps ahead of their Ghanaian counterparts.

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