Sekondi Takoradi: MCE arrested for dangerous driving and verbally assaulting Police officer

Sekondi Takoradi: MCE arrested for dangerous driving and verbally assaulting Police officer

The Western Regional Police Command has arrested the Municipal Chief Executive for Sekondi-Takoradi Metropolitan Assembly for dangerous driving and alleged assault on a Police Officer.

Hon. Abdul-Mumin Issah was apprehended after he allegedly hurled insults and threatened a Police officer on road check duties.

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The MCE has been “charged on three counts of Assault of a police officer, Offensive conduct conducive to breaches of the peace and Disturbing the peace in a public place,” a Police statement said.

He will be put before court on Friday, February 4, 2021.

Below is the statement released by the police.

Background Story

The MCE is overheard angrily heaping invectives on the police officer for insisting that he joins the queue like others and wait for his turn.

“You are stupid, you ugly policeman, you say a whole police officer, you are nothing, don’t worry let him play his king kong thing, I have exercised patience for you to call whoever is coming, I could just pass by and there is nothing he can do. If I decide to pass by what else can you do? But I have been patient enough which you have called to come and take me to headquarters. I could have just drove there, go(sic) and you can do whatever you want to do tomorrow morning and it won’t get anywhere,” the MCE is overheard in the exchanges with the on-duty police officer.

The policeman who is also heard insisting on the right thing being done despite calls by the MCE to another police officer to intervene.

“…the patrol team is coming to take you to headquarters for further action; they are coming to take you for further action..I should take it for what? I am saying I have called the patrol team, your action, your behaviour, your attitude have (sic) been reported and you will be detained for this, attempting to knock a police Inspector down? You wait!”

The MCE resorted to threats of transfer to cow the insistent policeman saying “You don’t know whom you are dealing with? You will come begging tomorrow, you will come begging tomorrow; I will send you to Enchi…don’t worry, do what you want to do…you are lucky I am not in my….hmmm, it is okay”.

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