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Man cries for help after DNA test proves his best friend who sponsored his trip abroad is the father of his last born

Man cries for help after DNA test proves his best friend who sponsored his trip abroad is the father of his last born

A man who has run into a state of uncertainty has reached out to folks on the internet to help him overcome his dilemma after discovering that his last child is actually not his biological child.

Narrating his ordeal, the Ghanaian man in question disclosed that he and his wife got married in their early 20s and the first five years of their marriage brought forth 2 children.

He went further to explain that his once-profitable business in spare parts dealership at Abossey Okai made him loads of money which enabled him to cater for his family until the worse happened.

And with the aid of his best friend from childhood who lent him money, he travelled to Australia to seek greener pastures abroad.

But to his surprise, he received news from his wife that she was pregnant after working like a slave just to make more money to send home for his family’s upkeep.

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A DNA test of the last child has shown that he is not the father of the child but that of his best friend who sponsored his trip out of the country to seek greener pastures.

Read the sad story as shared on social media below

”We both got married in our early 20s. The truth is that I have loved my wife all my life until this time and I would want to believe she had loved me too. When we got married, I was a spare parts dealer at Abossey Okai and to the glory of God I made more than enough to cater for the family. The first 5 years of our marriage gave us two children then suddenly out of nowhere my business began facing some unforeseen crises.

Things went so bad that I was almost always running into losses. When I couldn’t take it any longer I sought help from a friend who I’ve been good to in my hay days, to lend me some money so I could travel overseas for greener pastures. This, I sat with my wife one midnight and made her understand why I needed to do that. Though it hurt she finally agreed to me travelling. I prayed and fasted a lot into this and things went on smoothly, and I finally travelled to Australia.

Whilst there, favour smiled on me and I found a job in no time that paid so well. I worked like a slave because I needed to make a lot of money to send home. I’m the type I hate to see my family lack. So when I finally settled on my own I sent home every month close to GHc 8,000 just so my wife and children will feel comfortable. After 4 years of stay I then decided for the first time to visit home. I was happy to see my family again after that long time. I went back to Australia only to receive the good news from my wife that she was pregnant.

I was so much happy and began working my ass out again. It was during these moments that I decided to let them could join me here. So on my next visit to Ghana (which took another 3 years), I contracted a ‘connection’ man to fast-track things on our behalf so I could go back with the entire family. Now this is where things got complicated – the DNA of the last child proved negative, meaning she’s not my child, and had this not happened I wouldn’t have known that I was fathering someone else’s child.

The night when the news broke out, I had to literally threaten my wife to tell me who the father of the child was and what she told me is what has taken all energy out of me. The father of the child is this same best friend who lent me money to travel overseas. This is somebody I’ve known all my life, we lived in the same neighbourhood, went to the same school and even shared a lot of secrets together.

I’m losing it as I put this story out, I’m confused and I just don’t know what to do. I’ve slept in the hotel for the past three days because I’m afraid being with my wife in the same house would make me do something silly. I need advice on what to do seriously. I cannot think of any better solution to this issue and I would want sane people to put themselves in my shoes and offer some pieces of advice to me.”

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