Litre of fuel crosses GH¢7 price mark for the first time 

Litre of fuel crosses GH¢7 price mark for the first time

At some gas stations across the country, the price of a litre of gasoline has surpassed the GH7 mark for the first time.

As of 9 p.m. on Sunday, January 16, 2022, a litre of petrol and diesel cost GH 6.50 at Goil, but GH 6.80 at Shell.

Total, on the other hand, was selling a litre of petrol for Gh 6.99 and a litre of diesel for Gh 7.05.

The development is expected to prompt other smaller OMCs to raise their prices in the coming weeks.

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Last week, the Institute for Energy Security (IES) predicted that fuel prices at the pump would reach GH7 per litre in the second pricing window of this month, January 2022.

Fuel prices per litre at most pumps in Ghana fell to around GH6.50 on average in recent weeks but quickly rose to an average of GH6.70 at most pumps.

The IES Market-Scan identified Star Oil, Benab Oil, PetroSankofa, Goodness Oil, and Top Oil as the OMCs with the lowest-priced gasoline and gasoline oil on the local market during the pricing window under consideration.

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