Lady in tears after surgery to remove tribal marks went wrong

Lady in tears after surgery to remove tribal marks went wrong

A young and lovely damsel in distress has been crying in public in Nigeria after surgery to remove a tribal mark from her face left her with more scars than she could have imagined.

After the tribal mark failed to heal days after the 3-hour procedure, it appears that the surgery was a flop, leaving her with new scars that appeared out of nowhere.

The woman who exposed her predicament in a viral TikTok video claimed that she had the laser treatment in December 2021, hoping that the tribal mark that she believes detracts from her beauty would finally go gone, since she was informed the tribal mark would be eliminated without leaving scars.

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She also claimed that she had suffered injuries to her cheek and inquired about them, but those who performed the surgery promised her that they will heal in three days.

The injuries, however, developed into dark scars after a few weeks, and he was urged to return for additional surgery to repair it, which he refused and is now requesting a refund.

Watch the video below:

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