It’s time to make money off my exposé – Abena Korkor

It’s time to make money off my exposé – Abena Korkor

Abena Korkor has revealed that she is now going to make money from all exposé she used to put out in the public domain with the help of her social media page.

The former UCC student who is known to be suffering from bipolar disorder always set the country on social media on fire whenever she gets a relapse.

Abena Korkor has been mentioning the name of some big men in the country to have allegedly had an affair with her in their bid to help or offer support to her.

Due to this, her social media numbers keep rising whenever she suffers a relapse because many followers want to be the first to know what she is going to release to the public.

According to her, all these things are going to seize because she is now going to write a book about all the exposé to sell to the public so she can make money out of it.


Speaking in an interview, she revealed that some people who have been in her shoes are making money from their escapades and she also has to make some of those monies.

Abena Korkor, speaking about how she begged a politician for money and didn’t get it, so she resolved to expose them, challenged all politicians who have had any dealings with her to come forward and declare if she has ever asked for money.

Watch the video below:

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