Independent Parliamentary Candidate For Kpando Constituency, Mr Samuel Kodzosika, Has Donate Some Items As Part Of His Contribution To Curtail The COVID-19

The Independent Parliamentary Candidate for Kpando Constituency, Mr Samuel Kodzosika, has donated some items as part of his contribution to curtail the COVID-19.

They include gallons of liquid soap, dozens of Toilet rolls and Tissue papers to be used by frontline health workers at all the health facilities in the Kpando constituency.

The beneficiaries of the items Mr Samuel Kodzosika donated are, Agbenorxoe CHIPS, Fesi CHIPS, Gadza CHIPS, Gbefi Health Center, Kudzra Health center, Kpando Market Clinic, Kpando Senior High School Clinic, Torkor Clinic, Gborfe CHIPS , Bishop Herman Senior High School Clinic, Sovie Clinic ,Darfor Clinic and Market Women of Torkor and Queen mothers.

Prior to his visit to all the health facilities in his Constituency, Mr Samuel Kodzosika had organized skill training program for his constituents and the liquid soap He donated were produced locally by the beneficiaries of the Training program He organized.

“His aim of poverty alleviation has began to see a limelight and He promised to continue in his little way to support the constituents in Poverty Alleviation” speaking to AkasanomaGh.

He, however, urged members of his constituency to do their best in protecting themselves from being infected by the coronavirus. “Stay Safe”

Finally, the independent Candidate of kpando Constituency, Mr. Samuel Kodzosika urged His constituents not to only rely on the Covid 19 precautionary measures but want each and everyone to go on His knees and pray fervently to God Almighty to intervene in this difficult time we find ourselves.

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