I had to lift my tummy before I could see my private part – Kisa Gbekle on her GHS60K surgery

I had to lift my tummy before I could see my private part – Kisa Gbekle on her GHS60K surgery

Kisa Gbekle has opened up about the motivation behind her decision to go under the knife to enhance her overall look and physique.

The Ghanaian socialite and actress, who now walks around with a flat tummy and voluptuous backside, disclosed that her tummy grew so big to the extent that it covered her groin region.

Kisa Gbekle shows her new raw GHc 60k bortos in a fresh video as another woman oils them for her (Watch)

In an interview with Graphic Showbiz, the actress explained that she had to find a solution to what she deemed as embarrassing and frustrating to her daily life and surgery was her last resort.

“Everyone knows Kisa has a ‘banging body,’ but I couldn’t keep up during the COVID era. My tummy grew too big, which was frustrating. Everyone knows I love to work out, but I wasn’t feeling it this time. My tummy grew to the point where I couldn’t see my privates. I had to lift my tummy, which was embarrassing, so I decided on surgery.”

Kisa flew all the way to Istanbul, Turkey to get her body in shape again.

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Earlier, she revealed to blogger ZionFelix that she spent over GH60,000 on her body enhancement procedure.

The actress also revealed that she spent a lot on her looks in order to attract rich men, popularly termed locally as ‘papa no”.

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According to her, she would need a man who is rich enough to sustain her status and to financially aid her to take very good care of her body.

She added that age was just a number and would accept to date an older man if he was rich.

“When I say heavy, heavy entails a lot, but I don’t mean financially. You are aware that I have just completed my entire body. And it isn’t easy. It’s a large sum of money. So I need someone who is wealthy and has a lot of money.”

“It doesn’t matter how old you are. I’m cool as long as the person is cool, calm, collected, and heavy.”

Kisa, who has returned to Ghana, is doing well.

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