I earned more as a student in the US than as a lecturer in Ghana

I earned more as a student in the US than as a lecturer in Ghana


A Ghanaian man has narrated and revealed the secrets about why he believes studying in the United States pays more than working as a lecturer in Ghana.

Sulemana was born in Tuna, a Savanna regional town.

He studied at the University of Ghana before moving to the University of Missouri in 2008 to pursue a PhD in Economics.

In 2014, he returned to teach at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA).

That pretty much sums up his dissatisfaction. He left GIMPA for a job at the University of Ghana two years later, where he said things improved but were still insufficient.

He left the University of Ghana after only two years and returned to the United States to work as a banker.

The issue of working conditions for university professors is more complex.

have left their jobs for a variety of reasons, the most important of which is low pay.

According to UTAG, the trend is similar to that of other schools. The situation is one of the factors cited by analysts as contributing to Ghana’s current university standards.

In 2014, Dr Francis Annor received his PhD from Cambridge University.

When he arrived, he was offered a position at the University of Ghana’s Psychology Department. He left in October 2021 to start a new job at the University of Cape Coast.

He, like many of his colleagues, has recently considered quitting entirely.

“I earned more as a student in the US than as a lecturer in Ghana" - GH Man narrates and reveals secrets

The issues that UTAG is currently battling have been present since the implementation of the single spine salary structure more than ten years ago.

The lecturers are now requesting that the starting salary for a university lecturer be no less than 2,000 dollars. Wages and salaries that are reasonable The Commission has acted as a go-between for the government and university professors.

The commission insists that lecturers are currently receiving the best possible pay. Earl Ankrah, who represents them, claims that UTAG has not been consistent with their demands.

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University professors, like Dr Sulemaana, are leaving in droves. And, like Dr Annor, many others are only waiting for their turn to move.

He had the following to say:

“At GIMPA, even my office had no air-conditioning. I complained to everyone I could complain to and people thought it was a luxury for a lecturer to have an air-condition in his office.”

“By the time I came to Legon, my salary was less than ¢5,000 a month. This means I earned so much more being a graduate student in the US than being a full-time lecturer in Ghana.”

“When I was about to complete my PhD, I started looking at opportunities back home. When I decided to return, my friends questioned me. They asked why I am making this decision but I came home.”

“If we could try and make life easier for workers. Just a little bit. We could solve many problems in this country that way,” says Dr Sulemaana.

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