Ghanaians deserve special awards for surviving each year” – Diasporan lady

Ghanaians deserve special awards for surviving each year” – Diasporan lady

A Ghanaian diasporan lady has expressed her frustration over the condition of living in Ghana which makes it quite unbearable for citizens to thrive.

According to her, Ghana could be equated to Hell based on the lack of safety nets for citizens and the daily hustle they need to go through in order to survive.

Speaking in an enraged video, the Diasporan lady suggested that every Ghanaian living in Ghana be given special awards of survival each year.

“Ghanaians deserve special awards for surviving. People do say it’s hard here (abroad) but that is not true. Here, there are safety nets, that we rely on but in Ghana, there are none.”

“Citizens need to hustle every day to survive. When your light is out in Ghana, there’s nothing you could do unlike here where there are systems in place to salvage the situation.”

She expressed her dissatisfaction with the current economic system that has been made worse by the introduction of throat-cutting taxes, price hikes and continuous increases in fuel prices.

She also touched on the compulsory two-year rent system in Ghana which makes it almost impossible for the youthful citizens to get proper accommodation.

She spoke at length in the video below;

@Talk2OhemaGhanaians living in Ghana i take my wig off for yall. You are the real gees…. #ghanatiktok #ghanatiktok?? #viralvideogh

? original sound – Talk2Ohemaa

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