Free SHS will be over if you do not choose E-LEVY – Kusi-Boafo to Ghanaians 

Free SHS will be over if you do not choose E-LEVY – Kusi-Boafo to Ghanaians

Thomas Kusi Boafo, Chief Executive Officer of the Public Sector Reforms Secretariat, has urged Ghanaians to accept the contentious e-levy or risk losing the opportunity to enjoy FREE SHS.

He claims that if the contentious E-LEVY is not passed, roads, infrastructure, and FREE SHS will not be built.

Speaking on Kessben FM’s ‘Amansan Ntie,’ Kusi-Boafo stated that the government’s revenue mobilization is very low, resulting in a huge fiscal deficit and that the government of Ghana will abandon the programs it is pursuing until the Electronic Transaction Levy (E-levy) is passed.

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“So, Ghanaians must make a choice: we don’t want free education, we don’t want to employ our children, we don’t want to raise wages and salaries, and Kusi-Boafo has triggered the sacking of workers… I will, and there will be no E-levy for anyone.

“There will be no road for you, no schools, no tier two payment for workers…

“Ghanaians want the government to do all of these things, and as a listening government, it is incumbent on the government to assist, particularly Appiatse people, so that God will bless us.” “This is the time for us to show that we are redeeming the country,” Kufo-Boafo said in Twi.

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