Fella Makafui – “A lady will find a better partner after rejecting you for being poor”

Fella Makafui – “A lady will find a better partner after rejecting you for being poor”

Actress Fella Makafui has suggested that the fact that a woman decides to leave a poor partner does not necessarily mean she would live to regret it.

According to her, unlike what happens in movies, a lady who decided to abandon a tough relationship would find a better partner and would become happy.

In a controversial post, Fella Makafui intimated that a lady’s decision to leave a poor partner would not mean doom for her.

She added that the lady knew what she wanted and in the fullness of time, would find a partner that meets her taste, and has enough money to make her happy.

The woman who rejected you because you were poor and dusty will not regret it or suffer later in life ! She will meet her type,get married and stay happy .Stop watching too much Nigerian movies !!

These are some of the comments the controversial post garnered:

@KwameKells wrote: Lol u think your marriage has survived for some years now so thats all. No one is wishing doom for u but people’s marriage even get messy after 20yrs . Don’t get your hopes high

@_madlipz_ wrote: ?ny? wo fault. You began with sugar daddy, milk him & got 60% of what you’re showin’ off. Fast forward you swiftly took koo Sammy from your bestie becos she wasn’t serious. Now you dey see your body. Wawo baako nso woy? woho s? SHS girl a, wasi so.

@Frederick wrote: Rejecting someone because his poor and dusty is a choice, but how did you get to the lanes of the poor and dusty in the first place. For the guy that are rejected if you really want her to regrets her choice in future just focus on yourself. Have vision and works to achieve it.

@omahtwitch wrote: And you shall never stay poor and dusty forever. it shall rain, immediately you get money you will get to know those life were just a joke

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