Fans ‘fight’ for Wizkid’s face towel after he threw it into the crowd 

There was a mad rush for Wizkid’s face towel which he threw into the crowd during his performance at Afrochella.

The singer moved a portion of his fans by throwing the towel into the crowd.

The overzealous fans decided to outdo each other for it.

A video gives an account of fans literally fighting, shoving and pushing one another in a frantic bid to have the towel. One guy had to skip the barricade into the crowd as he searched wearily for the towel.

Wizkid also used the opportunity to preach peace by encouraging his fans not to accept the seeds of discord that are been sowed in the hearts of artistes and their followers.

He maintained that everybody should be treated equally irrespective of country of origin, skin colour et al.

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