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“Don’t just grow older, grow wiser too” – Burna Boy subtly jabs Shatta Wale 

Don’t just grow older, grow wiser too” – Burna Boy subtly jabs Shatta Wale 

Don’t just grow older, grow wiser too” – Burna Boy subtly jabs Shatta Wale

Nigerian singer, Burna Boy, has reacted subtly by sending an indirect message to Shatta Wale over his recent rant.

Shatta Wale in a Twitter rant following the success of his “Freedom Wave” concert at the Accra Sports Stadium vented his spleen on Nigerian artistes.

He insisted that Nigerian artists were not as special as they were perceived thus local artists could make it without necessarily collaborating together.

Shatta Wale also attacked Nigerians and berated them for looking down on Ghanaian artistes. He also fumed about the popularization of Nigerian music in Ghana to the detriment of local talents.

This, Burna Boy has reacted to with utmost subtlety.

In a social media update, Burna Boy put a message across that could be perceived as a reply to the tantrums Shatta Wale threw targeted at people like him.

The post suggested that Shatta Wale needs to have a cursory look at himself and question why he later why any friendship he courts ends in a nasty way.

According to him, the SM president has a penchant for fighting his close paddies and describing them as “enemies” after their relationship had fallen apart.

“If you can’t name one person who came under you and didn’t end up your enemy?”

Burna Boy added that in the ensuing year(s), he wishes people (like Shatta Wale) would not only grow physically but mature intellectually and mentally. He believes growing older was not as important as growing wiser.

“2022 I pray we not only grow older and fatter, I pray older and wiser.”

Shatta Wale and Burna Boy used to have a cordial working and personal relationship which resulted in the two working together on the hit song “Hosanna” at a time where the former was more popular than the latter.

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However, the years under review has seen a drastic change and shift in the music career of Burna Boy. His popularity has shot up high coupled with the global appeal and reception of his music.

Is Burna Boy currently bigger than Shatta Wale? The post he shared kinda provided a clue.

Check Out Post Below:

"Don't just grow older, grow wiser too" – Burna Boy subtly jabs Shatta Wale

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