Bosom Pyung cried over the neglect of his hit song Attaa Adwoa

Bosom Pyung cried over the neglect of his hit song Attaa Adwoa

Atta Adwoa hitmaker, Bosom Pyung has cried over the neglect of his hit song which made waves some years ago and shot him up into the limelight.

According to him, he feels Ghanaians have forgotten all about the hit song although he still believes it was a great song that should still resonate with the masses.

In a social media post, Bosom Pyung, who has been struggling to make hit songs after his breakthrough, feels Ghanaians have not treated him well by putting such a masterpiece “Atta Adwoa” on the shelves.

After the ‘Ataa Adwoa’ breakthrough, Bosom Pyung has gone on to churn out songs like Nipa Bone, Odo Ndwom. However, he has failed in his attempt to bring out a song that would bang as “Ataa Adwoa” did.

As a result, he feels Ghanaians have rejected his song and in effect dimmed his overall appeal.

Sammy commented: Wobr3 oo. Just get yourself better songwriters na your isn’t that top buh you have good energy on songs and your flows just the lyrics a little wack

The Big Guy commented: more like we dey forget about you, right now your tracks plenty be whack

Vayisaac commented: Bro just continue to do good music and associate yourself with the right people. We haven’t forgotten about you.. music with vibes.


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