5-year jail term low; fake prophets should be jailed 10yrs – Osofo Kyiri Abosom urges IGP

5-year jail term low; fake prophets should be jailed 10yrs – Osofo Kyiri Abosom urges IGP

5-year jail term low; fake prophets should be jailed 10yrs – Osofo Kyiri Abosom urges IGP

Osofo Kyiri Abosom has urged the Police Administration to intensify its surveillance to arrest and prosecute religious leaders who defy its directive against the communication of prophecies of harm, danger and death.

As the year 2021 draws to a close and Christians are prepping to be ushered into the New Year, dozens of so-called men of God in Ghana are also expected to do what they know how to do best – making ‘doom’ prophetic pronouncements.

Ahead of this encounter that occasionally plays out on 31st Night, the Ghana Police Service has forewarned that any religious leader who delivers a prophecy likely to cause fear and alarm to the public without evidence will face a prison term of up to five years.

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And while some Ghanaian pastors have bemoaned the directive by the Police, Osofo Kyiri Abosom has commended the move saying it would bring some level of sanity into the Christendom and the country at large.

He proffered a 10-year jail term for any pastor who will deliver a “false prophecy” on New Year’s Eve stressing that the 5-year jail term is low.

“It will let people come out with the truth. We are all going to be watchdogs on this 31st December 2021. Because we need to know those who will come out with the false prophecy. Even when I hear it I will report it.”

“Henceforth, I will never make public prophecy about death of someone” – Rev Obofour succumbs to police caution

“Now that we are heading to 31st December and the Police Administration has brought this law to halt the issue of false prophecy that causes fear and panic. It will keep some people’s mouths shut. Most of what they say doesn’t happen so what Dampare has instituted is good.

“However, whoever will come up with a false prophecy, the 5-years jail term is low, rather we can make it 10-years. So that people wouldn’t joke with the minds of Ghanaians and God. Let’s be alert and I support Dampare.”

You can’t intimidate me, I will continue to prophesy” – Prophet Nigel Gaisie dares police order

Meanwhile, celebrated Ghanaian preacher Prophet Nigel Gaisie has said despite police caution against “doom” prophecies, he would still go ahead to make them public.

According to him, he is not ready to kowtow to the whims and caprices of the police administration that restricts prophets and “men of God’ from communicating the mind of the God Almighty to His people.

Speaking in an interview with TV3, the Founder and Leader of the Prophetic Chapel Hill said he is not a coward and would not be intimidated by the police order.

He maintained that he would relay the revelations he would get from God to his people at the end of the year no matter how severe or unpleasant it may sound.

“I read somewhere that you have to bring material evidence whether the prophecy is true or false.” Who has ever dreamed and has material proof of your dream? A dream is the most important component of prophecy. What they’re saying doesn’t hold water with me, but we’ll find a way.

“We will cross, I will prophesy with complete confidence, there will be no shadow on that, I will speak God’s mind.” “I am not one of the cowards; I have been called by God, I have an assignment, and whoever comes after the church is making a huge mistake,” he told TV3 in an interview.

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