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People sometimes make the mistake of thinking that just because a person is quiet, it also means the person is shy. It is important to realize that there is a big difference between introversion, shyness, and social anxiety. Here are some secret about quite people.

1.Quiet people talk a lot inside of their heart, sometimes they talk alone.

2. Once they get comfortable with you they get crazy and wild.And they do talk much with people they are comfortable with.

3. They speak in thoughts and heart.

4. They are shy, they can’t maintain eye contact a lot.

5.They have too much anger don’t get them pissed off. And they know how to micromanage their anger issues.

6. They are strong and very intelligent.

7. They are very crazy on social media (sometimes)

8. They have very cool personalities and are fun to be with.

9. Their minds are always calculating, they are overthinking too much. Bad things and good things. That’s how I have noticed.

10. They are loyal and love the most in relationships. When quite people they are in a relationship they love you wholeheartedly. They love deep. But if they don’t love you, they leave you completely due to their love is very strong.

11. They never show their pain, and they are emotional people.

12. Some of them are depressed and alone but they pretend, deep down they feel like to be alone, they are introvert people.

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13. They’ve got the cutest smile and weirdest laughter.

14. Most of them they like facts, and they are honest.

15. Quiet people are likely to be secretive, also they hide many things, but if you want to make them feel uncomfortable nor melancholy they will tell the truth as it is without any fear.

16. Quiet people are introverts they are actually happy when they are alone. As long as they are busy with what they love. It’s okay.

17. Quiet people, and introvert people create their own scenes in their mind and believe them.

18. Quiet people, and introverted people they love to read. Reading books, especially novels both fiction and nonfiction books. Sometimes inspirational books (self help books)

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