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12 Ways to Greet Your Spouse When He/She Comes Home

12 Ways to Greet Your Spouse When He/She Comes Home

12 Ways to Greet Your Spouse When He/She Comes Home

Greeting  your spouse in a romantic manner  after work is another way of making your spouse and your home a happy one. These are 12 ways to great him/her after work.
1. Greet with a hug or a kiss or both. It sets the tone for affection

2. Greet with affectionate words like “Hi love”, “Hello Darling”, “Welcome home hun”. It gives assurance no matter how the day has been

3. Give eye contact. If you were doing something, pause a bit and look at your spouse. It shows he/she is special


4. Ask how his/her day has been. It encourages your spouse to share

5. Don’t attack your spouse at first encounter for something he/she committed to do but failed to do it. Attacking shows you care more about the task than your spouse

6. Thank God that your spouse is home safe. Be grateful

7. Tell your spouse “I’ve missed you”. It reminds your spouse of his/her value

8. Don’t bombard your spouse with news and issues at first glance. Let him/her relax, then you can talk about the heavy stuff

9. Show excitement. Celebrate with your spouse if he/she comes home with good news

10. Help out with the luggage if your spouse comes home with shopping or items

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11. Make your spouse comfortable. Offer a drink, help remove the coat, offer a mild massage perhaps on feet or shoulders; especially if he/she comes home exhausted

12. Give a smile. It sets the tone for warmth at home

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